Parrot Bebop 2 Review


Introducing the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone your flying buddy to everywhere! This is an agile little drone at approximately 500 grams with an ABS body reinforced with fiberglass making the Parrot a tough little guy. It is packed with features at half the price of the other costly drones in the market. It is fast, intuitive in response and the only fast moving parts that may splinter on a crash are the propellers.

The Multipurpose Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

This is a good drone for beginners and hobbyists who are not looking to invest a fortune. Get the feel of flying on this drone and then move on to the more professional costlier models. You may crash it a few times while getting the feel but this little guy goes on like a champ. This is because there are no breakable parts and the images are digitally stabilized. Thus, the gimbal is absent and the digital images and videos are great. You do not require a remote if you want to travel light instead you could download a third-party app call the Bebop Pro besides the Flight Plan.

The app, Flight Plan can assist in mapping and surveys besides search and rescue operations. This little drone is smaller than the others and seems like a toy but is as effective and useful in the professional services too. Such as research and surveillance, high definition photography and any other situation that might require eyes in the sky.

Features of the Parrot Bebop 2

+ Frame – The drone is only 1.1 pounds in weight and 15 x 12.9 x 3.5 inches in length, breadth and height respectively. The design is stable and does not get battered and remains steady in high winds. This high-performance bot will fly in all conditions be it high in the mountains, track you over the racing track or while you kayak or surf on the waves. The Parrot Bebop Drone 2 comes with a maximized stability due to its integrated 3-axis digital stabilization system. It comes with flexible plastic propellers that stop as soon as they hit an obstruction. It is the only drone in its weight class that last 25 minutes in the air. There are LED lights on the underside for in-flight visibility and it has a return home function that finds you at the end of the journey.

+ Camera - The Parrot Bebop 2 has a fisheye lens at its nose that offers exposure and clarity even in low light. It has a 14 Megapixel camera that has been redesigned to capture a wider angle. It films at 90-degree angle without loss of quality. This means it is not possible to pan or tilt the camera but you can shift the focus in the field of vision through the software. But then the quality starts to suffer when processing into the mix. But for the price, this is a good design and configuration. The camera allows great HD 1080 pixel recording and has an onboard 8GB storage. This may get used up very quickly thus it may require frequent transfers of the clips from the phone to the computer or a storage device via Wi-Fi. This slows the reception and drains the battery of the drone and phone.

+ Battery - at 2700 mAh the battery life is quite good the drone and the remote have batteries and they are swappable. The one on the remote runs out faster than the one on the remote, what you could do is swap them and may get more fly time. The flight time is 25 minutes per charge.

Now Available at Amazon!

These magnificent drones are now available at Amazon and can be shipped right to your front door!

+ Remote Controller - The remote is wide and different from other drones that have compact remote controller kind. This remote looks like a simulator, it comes with shoulder straps that you can hang in front of you. The plus is that the ergonomics is good as it allows you to keep your shoulders relaxed instead of bunched as when you are flying through the smartphone. The remote works with an iPhone or any tablet. The flight controller also increases the range and offers better control. It also has buttons for recording, taking pictures, for moving the camera, and you don’t have to toggle or switch buttons to change modes.

The mobile app called the Flight Plan is free and simple to navigate. The Flight Plan is an automated flight planner that uses the waypoints to map the drones journey. You can even prepare your flight plan using your device by selecting the route on the map. It is due to this mapping ability that works in tandem with the GPS that give the drone its homing abilities. With a $20 in-app purchase you can unlock more advanced flight-plan capabilities and features. You can use the app to take off, land, flip or do other in-flight tricks while flying. The app facilitates autonomous flight, real-time video streaming on your smart devices.

You could change your view by adjusting the camera angles just at a swipe of your finger! You could even share your footage online via wi-fi with the community and you can join a Drone Academy via the FreeFlight 3 app. The Parrot Bebop Drone 2 comes from the pioneers of the drone industry you could learn to fly like a pro with them. The drone is capable of First-person view (FPV) capable this means you get to see what your drone sees, remotely and real time. This ability can also be used for video piloting.


  • The Price
  • Small Enough To Carry In Your Backpack
  • Sturdier Design Than The Original
  • Twice The Battery Life
  • The Propellers Stop The Instant They Are Obstructed
  • ​The Easy Barrel Rolls And Flips With An Added Banked Turns Capability
  • ​It Is Stable Indoors Or Outside
  • It Can Also Be Piloted With Third-Party Bluetooth Controllers


  • Design Could Be Modified For A Micro SD Card
  • The Picture Quality Is Washed Out And Grainy
Parrot Bebop 2
4 / 5