DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review


DJI is a well-known brand that designs and develops drones of varying ranges, for beginners to professionals. They have launched a new model DJI Phantom 3 Standard for their 10th anniversary. The other drones in the range are the Phantom 3, besides the Professional and Advanced. It includes the best features with great design and performance for the price tag.

The Multipurpose DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Camera drones have many purposes such as surveillance and reporting events. They can even be used as explorers and go to places scientist cannot go or it would take a great deal of preparation and training such as high altitude expeditions, or places that are too hot or too cold to withstand by humans. They could also serve as eyes offering live feed while operations against terrorists and anti-social elements. Enhanced with right devices and algorithms they can be used for surveying & GIS or mapping. Using multi-spectral cameras and laser scanners these drones can create high-quality 3-D maps that can help with remote sensing, photogrammetry and precision agriculture.

Features of the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

+ Frame – the quality and design are like the other models in the Phantom series the only difference is that this one omits the Vision Positioning system. So, you need to be careful when flying close to the ground. This chassis too has the standard design with 4-pylons in white. There are metallic red decals on the drone – the DJI logo at the top center and the two red strips on the four pylons. The propellers are color coded so there is a black dot on the motors where the propellers with the black center go.

The Phantom weighs 2.7lbs and is 23 inches from tip to tip. The landing struts are underneath the body with a camera mounted on a gimbal on the undercarriage. This makes the gear lightweight, compact and stable making it a boon to the aerial photographers to film at different locations. It can be carried in the backpack when you respond to the wanderlust.

The chassis comes with 4 bright LEDs on each arm that are Status and Direction Indicators. When you stop telling the chassis to move it auto-hovers in place – holding its altitude and position. It remains in this standby mode till you decide where you want to fly next. The powerful responsive motors bring you the thrill of speeding intuitively through the air. It stops, follows the path you set and speeds up or flies higher instantly as need be or commanded.

+ Camera - The Phantom 3 Standard functions as your eyes in the sky and captures the most exciting footage that is fun to watch. The lens is the same – 20 mm which is a full frame equivalent, wide angled prime - as the rest of the Phantoms. Only the microSD card slot has merged with the camera unit itself.

Capture mind-blowing pictures and videos of family and friends. You can share these memories instantly on your social networks, too. The built in 2.7K video is three times clearer than on your HD television. It captures 30fps at a maximum of 40Mbps. Thus, you can record a 1080 pixel HD footage in crisp clarity and freshness of color. You get clean accurate images with a custom-built lens with a 94-degree field of view; in 12-megapixel JPEG files besides other formats that can be edited into professional photographs. The 1/2.3” sensor and fast f/2.8 prime lens with a pre-set focus are optimized for aerial photography that inspires awe towards the subject’s detail and beauty.

The Movie-Quality Stabilization keeps the camera on the 3-axis gimbal; stable weather flying or on the ground. When the camera banks and rolls, the gimbal responds to level the camera so that your videos and photos stay smooth no matter the weather or the flight.

+ Battery - is built into the remote controller that is recharged by USB. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard comes with a patented DJI Intelligent flight battery that tells the user charge left and the possible duration of the flight on the remaining charge. It calculates this based on how far and at what altitude the chassis is at. This information is relayed back to the GO app on your smart device. It powers a flight of 25 minutes and recharges quickly. The bright LED indicators on the remote tell you the status and power level. The battery is housed in a plastic casing that prevents damage. There also intelligent sensors that help extend the battery life.

Now Available at Amazon!

These magnificent drones are now available at Amazon and can be shipped right to your front door!

+ Remote controller – The remote controller makes flight easy as it is ergonomically designed for easy hold. It is easy on the wrists as it is lightweight and everything is at your fingertips. The high-powered 5.8 GHz transmission frequency keeps the Phantom responsive till a kilometer away. But do heed the local regulations and environmental conditions in mind.

The gimbal control helps tilt the camera via the remote. This helps you see more and get that perfect shot. The easy to grip joysticks help in precision control that allows for minute adjustments even in full flying speeds. It responds intuitively and promptly. The joysticks center instantly with let go as they are spring loaded. Releasing them freezes the Phantom in place and you can capture your shot or video. Or even study the map and plan the next action while your drone hovers in wait. The smart device can be linked to the Phantom via the DJI GO app, it has an enhanced Wi-Fi range extender built into the remote controller. The app also offers a live view, access to advanced camera controls, etc.

The Phantom can fly with absolute freedom due to the automatic flight assistant just at a press of a button. It has a built-in GPS record of the take-off point that remembers thus it does not get lost even when the signal is lost. The app allows you to set the Safe Flight Limits which record the height and distance limits that keep your drone within a safe area. The Phantom automatically stops and stays hovering within your set limits. The GPS also allows you to note the position and the direction the drone is facing. As it knows where it is the drone can tell you exactly how much longer it can fly on the battery and send you a reminder when it is low and homes in by itself.

+ The DJI GO App - is packed with amazing features such as a YouTube live streaming, instant video downloading and Easy Video Editor. It also keeps a media library of all your works that you can share, and send your footage anywhere. It has a Live Map and Radar that allows you to know where you are filming on the map. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard also keeps detailed records and achievements such as Total Flight Time, Total Distance and total flights. you can make a DJI account and access all the information in one place. You can also earn credits for future purchase by posting the DJI forum.

Practice your flight skills and flight modes with the flight simulator. Capture your shots and change mode just at a tap of a finger. There are five modes; the Course Lock, Home Lock, Point of Interest, Follow Me and Waypoints. Overall an amazing drone to own and carry along as a companion!


  • The Ready To Fly Aircraft Kit Is Available At A Fair Price
  • Great Price For The Features
  • The 4480 mAh Li-Po Battery Powers A 25-Minute Flight
  • It Is Easy To Handle For Beginners
  • Comes With The Light-Bridge Technology Instead Of Wi-Fi Eliminating The Need For A Wi-Fi Connection
  • Landing Gear Is Out Of The Camera View Offering A Wide Angle


  • It Lacks Range - Additional Sophisticated Flight Modes Can Help
  • The Batteries Are Particular To The Model - Best To Buy An Extra Set
DJI Phantom 3 Standard
4.4 / 5