DJI Mavic Pro Review


The DJI Mavic Pro can serve you as eyes in the sky for aerial photography, mapping, surveying etc. This smart little bot is about the size of a water bottle and the chassis folds up to fit in your bag. The suffix “Pro” indicates that this gizmo not only replaces your HD camera while on vacations but does some serious work.

The Multipurpose DJI Mavic Pro

It is not only a FUN gadget but a tool of the trade too. It is useful for search and rescue, firefighting and natural calamities. The DJI Mavic Pro can help in inspections of wind turbines, power lines, pipelines, etc. Authorities around the world are protecting the public with coordinated security operations and even preserving evidence. They serve as your eyes in the sky for surveillance from where you can execute covert operations such as monitor the public events. It can take you into the cauldron of a volcano, an archaeological evacuation or film the elusive wildlife in the canopy, a handy tool for science & research. If you are a shutterbug get those amazing aerial shots and footage at minimum cost and from an unusual perspective. Its uses are as unlimited as your imagination.

Features of the DJI Mavic Pro

+ Frame – This quadcopter has an X frame for stability, folded it is just 83mm x 83mm x 198mm in height, width and length respectively. It can be folded owing to a smart hinge system, the arms fold up into a neat little package that fits into your bag. The weight with batteries and the propellers is around 734 grams. This makes it lighter than the digicams and SLRs, carry it wherever you go and beyond.

+ Speed and altitude - In the sport mode, it has a maximum ascent speed of 5 m/s, while the descent speed is 3 m/s. The maximum speed is 65 kph without the wind thus it can fly along with your car. It can climb to the maximum service ceiling above sea level to 5000 m. This means you can explore the fjords or drive along the seashore or mountains with your trusty drone following and recording the bird's eye view. Excited yet?

+ Battery - There are three batteries in the package and each, offers a maximum flight time of 27 minutes at 0 knots of wind. The drone can hover for 24 minutes in zero wind conditions. The overall flight time is 21 minutes, in normal flight, they would fly until 15% battery remains. The maximum flight distance in one charge is 13 km in zero wind conditions. It can operate well between a temperature range of 0 - 40°C. The three batteries are useful as while you are using one, the other is a standby while the depleted one is recharging in the car. This way you get a seamless experience and record unlimited footage.

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+ Satellite Positioning Systems - It uses the GPS/GLONASS for accurate positioning indoors and outdoors. This is because there are 20 satellites monitoring the drone and it knows exactly where it took off and where to land.

+ Hover accuracy - There are four motors to turn the propeller blades and an accelerometer or gyroscope that measures the quadcopter’s roll, pitch and yaw. These are the factors that determine how it is positioned while hovering. When recording, and taking photographs in flight we need hover accuracy. The vertical range is +/- 0.1 m, when the vision positioning is active or +/-0.5 m., while the horizontal is +/- 0.3 m, when the vision positioning is active or +/-1.5 m.

+ Remote controller – is the best of both world’s hybrid that allows the use of a smartphone app that offers virtual joysticks. But there is also a well-designed foldable to a size of a walkie-talkie remote controller. You can just flip out the antennae and fit in your smartphone to get a full-fledged controller. It offers telemetry data has an intuitive layout and a fantastic range.

+ Camera - The most amazing feature is that the DJI Mavic Pro can “see”, due to the sensor 1/2.3” (CMOS) that has a 12.71 M pixels’ camera. This gives it the ability to avoid obstacles by stopping and/or going around them on its own. The lens has a 78.8° 28 mm field of vision (FOV) that is 35 mm format equivalent and has a focus equal to f/2.2. It can handle up to 1.5% distortion and focus from 0.5 m to infinity. The ISO range for videos is 100-3200 while 100-1600 for photos. Can you imagine the amazing recording the panoramic view of the horizon before you in detail?

The electronic shutter speed is 8s to 1/8000s, this allows the use of the camera in low-light and night or allows freeze motion respectively. It can shoot image sizes up to 4000×3000 resolution making them truly HD, ideal for survey and map work. The camera has an ActiveTrack and Optical Flow software that allows tracking objects and sensing obstacles. It uses only the camera and image analysis algorithms to find its way.

The DJI Mavic Pro is equipped with an amazing video transmission system called OcuSync, it stretches the drones range to over 4 miles and boosts its interference resistance. What’s mind-blowing is that at shorter ranges it can stream footage to your smartphone at 1080p resolution at the speed of 40Mb/s.

+ Intelligent Flight Modes in addition to the standard Follow mode, there is Point of Interest, Waypoints, Course Lock, Terrain Follow and Gesture modes that make this drone respond like an intelligent bot! Just go before the smart bot and gesture and it will click you!

+ Build quality and design it is a sturdy little bot of course when you crash it, it protests with beeps scolding you “Ouch, you crashed me!” But with a quick reset, it forgets the episode and flies like a champ. It may not survive a plummeting to a hard, rocky surface but will survive a 30-foot fall on a grassy patch.

Everything about the DJI Mavic Pro is well-built and designed to last and the 3-axis gimbal assembly is impressively small and compact. But the only flaw is that it is held in place with four small rubber bands making this assembly very fragile. If one of these bands snaps the camera will be shaky causing a jiggle in the footage.


  • Super Portable Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Very Long Range
  • Gimbaled 4K Camera
  • Great Price


  • Fragile Gimbal Assembly
DJI Mavic Pro
4.8 / 5