About Us

BG Reel started out as a basic camera technology blog run by students at the University of Bowling Green. It has since evolved and narrowed its focus to one of the fastest growing industries and job producers in photography today. Drones.

Some drones today are built specifically to capture amazing and beautiful images that only a few years ago seemed impossible. Now the market is so saturated with all kinds of drones from large to small, cheap to expensive, portable and not portable, commercial use or fun use, etc. It really is difficult for the beginner to find the right drone for them that won’t break the bank or end up with a drone that feels impossible for them to fly and use.

And so we created this site, as it is today, to help those looking to take their photography (professional or personal) to new heights, literally.

Here you’ll find the most in-depth, comprehensive, unbiased reviews on camera drones anywhere online. Our team of reviewers and authors have kept you, the buyer, in mind when creating these reviews. Our goal is to make sure you are equipped with all of the information you will need to make a buying decision and to ensure the drone you end up with is perfectly fit for you and what you are looking for in a drone.

We hope you find our site helpful. Please contact us here with any questions, comments, or concerns.